how do we achieve your dream?

Our process revolves around communication. When you are ready to explore the possibility of building a custom home or renovating your existing home, simply call us for a free consultation with our president, Clarence Burke-the first step in our 5-part process:

Step 1: Review Project Objectives

  • Clarence Burke, President of Burke Builders, will meet with you to discuss your objectives and review the overall feasibility of your project.
  • The first meeting helps us understand your needs so that we can give an approximate estimate of the cost to undertake the project.
  • If our estimate is not within your budget, we can discuss all the options, which will allow you to accomplish your primary objectives.

Step 2: Determine Design Needs

  • If you are comfortable with our budget estimates for the construction phase of the project, we move on to the design phase. In order to provide an accurate construction estimate for custom homes or renovations, detailed plans are essential.
  • If you are in agreement, a meeting is scheduled between you, Burke Builders, and an architect or designer who has been chosen in consultation with you.
  • Burke Builders ensures you are working with a quality architect or designer and oversees the process to ensure that your priorities are included in the design.

Step 3: Finalize Construction Estimate

  • Burke Builders will submit to you a written construction quote based on the detailed plans.
  • Estimates are calculated on a cost plus basis. A fully transparent process, you will be given copies of all invoices received.
  • Burke Builders will keep your budget in check. If issues arise that will increase the cost of the project, you will be informed before the work begins.
  • Payment schedules are customized to each project and respective customer.

Step 4: Project Management & Construction

  • Clarence Burke personally oversees your project from start to finish, ensuring efficient, quality construction.
  • Clarence Burke also ensures budgets are on target and works closely with you to ensure satisfaction with each phase of the project’s budget.

Step 5: Move In & After Service

  • When construction stops and you are ready to start living your life in your dream home, we are still there to offer support.
  • We can help you arrange interior décor or moving services to ensure you move into this next phase of your home in the utmost of comfort.

our guarantee

Burke Builders guarantees all new homes and renovations for a minimum of one year. Alberta New Home Warranty Program provides additional protection.

Additionally, you have our personal commitment to provide you with a finished product that you will be pleased with, now and in years to come!

for a free consultation on how we can bring your vision for a new home or renovation project to life.